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Talent Concept

Talent Strategy

Through the talent introduction, talent training strategy, management improvement strategy, and effective implementation of the compensation and welfare strategy, we will create a humanized management atmosphere and provide opportunities for the nation's talents to develop and develop.

Talent concept

Talent is the creator of enterprise value, the core competitiveness of enterprise development, and the development of people is the development of enterprises.
Committed to creating a good development space for employees.


Conduct a series of pre-job training for new employees, and assign technical management personnel to provide careful guidance and help to make employees work more passionately.


The company attaches great importance to continuing education and development training for employees and provides diversified training for employees. According to the needs, employees are arranged to participate in various job skills, professional skills and management improvement training.

Welfare treatment

Salary period

In addition to the national statutory holidays, you can also enjoy the paid annual leave, sick leave and other paid periods.



The company sets up a special account for mutual aid funds to provide certain financial assistance to employees who have major illnesses and major accidents.



The company provides accommodation and dining environment for employees, and has karaoke dance halls, reading rooms, and other entertainment facilities for employees to use.



The company purchases social insurance for employees such as pension, medical care, and work injury.



Annual lucky draw Chinese New Year Gala



“Labor Day” or “National Day” organizes employees to travel abroad



Mid-Autumn Festival and Spring Festival, the company’s trade unions issue holiday subsidies for each employee.